April 19, 2007

OpenLearn Unit Search Hub

Picking up on the previous post, I knocked up a Yahoo Pipe that will use an OpenLearn course unit as an outlinks search hub, demonstrating an automated way of extracting value from a course unit: OpenLearn Unit Outlinks Search Hub Pipe

The pipe uses this OpenLearn link stripper XSLT to extract all the outgoing links from a course unit, then feeds these into a Yahoo Search pipe, which uses the domains as search limits for the search (just as deliSearch does with links pulled in from delicious and searchfeedr does with links pulled in from an arbitrary feed:


I'll add a link to a Grazrscript form for this search pipe to this post when I get a chance to cobble one together.

I'll also have to try and find 10 mins somewhere to add it to the OpenLearn_XMLProcessor.

Posted by ajh59 at April 19, 2007 05:53 PM

Most cool -- elegant way of filtering search by context.

Posted by: Brian at April 20, 2007 08:11 AM