June 05, 2008

eduPunk Chatter...

Building off the back of the 'social life of a URL' thinking I've been doing lately, I started tinkering with what 'the social life of eduPunk' might look like... So here's an early glimpse of a work in progress, a quick view of who's twittering about 'edupunk', and who's using the edupunk tag on the delicious social bookmarking site.

I'll add in technorati tag/blogsearch branches in too, because I'm guessing that the twitter subtree will start to wither before long?

edupunk socialtag

The first node in each category (delicious or twitter) is the name/id of the person who posted the tweet/bookmark:

edupunk twitterers

The leaves are the title of the post bookmarked or the content of the tweet...

edupunk tweets viz

Over time, it'll be interesting to see if thebookmark subtree grows... (bearing in mind that I'm using a delicious limited API call at the moment, rather than necessarily accessing all the bookmarked items tagged 'edupunk'.

edupunk bookmarks

With the blog search view/technorati view (not shown) where the author is not necessarily known, what should I use as the 'author'? The blog URL? Maybe in time I'll be able to reconcile identities using e.g. friendfeed?

i also need to work out what sort of connected graph views to explore... For example, it may be that different people are bookmarking or twittering about the same URL, which could be shown. For the blog posts, posts that link out to other URLs that appear in the display could also be connected?

I guess at the end of the day, all I'm doing is muddling my way towards a URL or tag focused meme tracker visualisation? Hmm....

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Posted by ajh59 at June 5, 2008 11:51 AM