Google Spreadsheet Explorer


STEP 1: Enter a Google spredsheet key (and optional sheet ID) and hit preview to preview the column headings

Google spreadsheet key (e.g. rvWgEEGK9xuUQBR1EFcxHWA ) or spreadsheet URL Sheet number* (optional):

* The number of the first sheet in a spreadsheet (which is used by default) is 0. To select the second sheet, add: 1; for the third sheet, add 2, and so on.

If you are prompted to sign in, wait a few seconds and then try again.

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STEP 2: Once you have previewed the column headings, you can write your query. [Google Query Language reference docs]. Use the column letters shown above in your query (eg SELECT A,B LIMIT 10).

Try out some visualisation queries here...


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